Hagley Catholic High School
Principal: Mr J Hodgson

Called as God’s family, we strive to achieve our personal best, by living and learning in Christ.

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A school ethos of positive relationships, high expectations and encouragement is central to the promotion of good behaviour. Rewards are one way of achieving such behaviour. They have a motivational role in helping students to realise that good behaviour is valued and are clearly defined in the procedures. Integral to the systems of rewards is an emphasis on praise both informal and formal to individuals and groups. In addition, our online system of offering praise, letters and postcards to parents and carers, reference to praise in the parental newsletter are ways the school recognises the achievements of the students.

All praise is awarded through ClassCharts and has a direct connection to our School Values. We reward our students for demonstrating the key values we wish them to carry through into society and live as one of God’s children 

During termly awards assemblies, students are recognised for the number of ClassCharts points they have accumulated throughout the term, their commitment to attendance and their commitment to the Catholic life of the school, to name a few. An overview of our Praise and Rewards System in outlined below.

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