Hagley Catholic High School
Principal: Mr J Hodgson

Called as God’s family, we strive to achieve our personal best, by living and learning in Christ.

Introduction from the Committee

The Sixth Form at Hagley provides a warm and nurturing Post 16 experience. Students massively benefit from the dedicated and talented staff who work to ensure growth and progress throughout the two years of Sixth Form. Whilst study is a huge part of the experience, we offer a range of extracurricular activities. This includes enrichment and social events that help alleviate the weight put on students by A-Levels.

A strong support system is what makes Hagley unique, and has been put in place to ensure that from day one you are cared for and guided to success. Form Tutors provide assistance for students to aid their personal development, whilst teachers help us thrive in the academic side of the Sixth Form.

Our bespoke and varied enrichment activities offer students a broad range of opportunities, to which they are able to enhance their skills. Regardless of your interests or ability, there is something for everyone to enjoy their Sixth Form experience. It will also enable you to widen your social circle. As part of the enrichment programme we offer:

  • Sport - Our Sixth Form offers a plethora of different sports such as netball, football, basketball and an annual ski trip, all of which are played at a variety of levels, with students of all abilities welcome and the possibility of competitive fixtures.
  • Duke of Edinburgh - many have taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award; year after year this has been a life changing experience for students and a highlight of Hagley Sixth Form.
  • Culture Vulture Club – being the most recent addition to the enrichment programme, this provides a basis to widen your cultural perspective, discuss our ever-changing social dynamics and allow your voice to be heard.
  • ’Great British Bake Off’- this activity gives you the ability to develop and show off your culinary skills, in preparation for university life.
  • Performing Arts, Dance and Music clubs at Hagley are a large part of our Sixth Form and enable you to develop your performance skills.
  • Work experience – this is a valuable opportunity for those students who would like to practice for further employment or gain practical skills not accessible within the school environment.
  • Debating Club – this helps students to improve confidence and public speaking skills in preparation for future career paths.

Our inclusive environment, based on our strong Catholic ethos, creates a welcoming atmosphere to all and incorporates and encourages worship in your journey to success.

Our main goal at Hagley is not only to provide you with an enjoyable two years but to prepare you for life after Sixth Form. Regardless of your future pathway, Hagley Sixth Form will strive to help you reach your full potential and become a well-rounded adept individual.

We, as your student representatives, will work our hardest to create a comfortable and friendly feel within our Sixth Form. We will do this by organizing social events throughout the year, including the Fresher’s events, Year 12 Garden Party and Year 13 Ball.

We welcome and encourage you to approach us for any student support, in order to help with important decisions, enrolment opportunities and general student life here at Hagley.

Many thanks,

The Sixth Form Committee


I chose a challenging combination of subjects to study at A-level with confidence, knowing that the supportive and enthusiastic community here at Hagley would help me achieve my ambitions. My teachers are clearly committed to helping me succeed and there is always support available. I am hoping to study medicine at Oxford or Cambridge, and have taken advantage of the many opportunities on offer here, including workshops, study days, a residential course, practice interviews and work experience. To gain balance in my week, I enjoy taking part in the many and varied enrichment opportunities; this provides a cathartic release and helps me to manage stress more effectively.

Euan Coxon



I have loved every minute of my time at Hagley. The expertise, energy and support of the staff, combined with high expectations and levels of challenge for students meant that to continue my studies here was the obvious choice. I have benefitted enormously from the enrichment opportunities available here, and have had great success in debating competitions this year. The kindness of staff and their open door policies means that there is always someone there to help. Given the pressures of A-level study this is very important, and part of what makes the Sixth Form at Hagley so unique.

Niamh Lomax



The support you get from your teachers is what really sets Hagley apart from the rest. I'm studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths at A-level with the view to becoming a vet. My teachers have not only supported me with these courses, but helped me to get work experience placements which have been invaluable to me. There are always resources and people to help you get what you need out of your Sixth Form experience, and because of this it feels very personal and it's nice to know you aren't just a number.

Laura Elcock



I joined Hagley in year 12 and I can honestly say that it was one the best decisions I made. All of the people here have been so welcoming from the very start, which really helped me to make my transition into the sixth form. I have made some really good friends who I know I will keep in touch with after sixth form life. The A levels I have chosen are English Literature, Psychology and French. The teachers are so supportive and are always there for extra help and guidance if I am struggling with a particular aspect of the subject. I can honestly say I love studying at Hagley.

Lauryn Malone



I have been a student at Hagley for 6 years now. I chose Geography, Biology and PE to study at A-Level. A-Levels are a very stressful time in which you need a great deal of support, no matter how intelligent you are. One of the things that separates Hagley from other Sixth Forms is the fantastic support you get from teachers resulting in a flourishing relationship. Teachers come to know each student individually and develop a real bond which borders upon friendship. You don't have to have been at Hagley for a long time for the teachers to have good personal relationships, as the tight knit community feel that this school has will automatically let that happen. Enrichment is by far my favourite part of the week; it gives you something to look forward to midweek. I do games during this time which provides a good stress relief. If sport isn't your thing, then there are plenty of other things you can do.

David Lam



It made sense for me to stay on at Hagley for Sixth Form. It has a great reputation, it is the place where I achieved excellent GCSE results, and where I had got to know the teachers. Hagley has enabled me to balance my studies with my chosen sport. I am an elite competitive cyclist and train six days a week, as well as competing throughout the year. Studying at Hagley has enabled me to balance my strenuous training regime whilst also staying on top of my studies. Hagley has been appreciative of the demands of my sport, and has allowed me the time and space to pursue it to the fullest; in turn I ensure I never fall behind, and have successfully managed this for several years. My goal is to study Sport Science at university, so I chose to study PE, Biology and Geography at A-level- so far so good!

Gabriella Homer