Hagley Catholic High School
Principal: Mr J Hodgson

Called as God’s family, we strive to achieve our personal best, by living and learning in Christ.


 For all examination related enquires please contact our Examination Team - Mrs P Sherwood and Mrs A Kozakowska

Statement of Entry 

All candidates who have been entered for a public exam will be given a statement of entry, showing personal details and school details. The statement shows the exams that they are due to take and also the dates and sessions. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check that the personal details are correct, (as these will appear on their certificates), that they are entered for the correct exam/s and also that they have no clashes with other subjects.
The candidate is given two identical copies of the statement of entry – one to keep and one to sign and date and return to the Exams Office verifying correct entries.

Examination Timetables

Candidates will be issued with an individual timetable prior to the exams. This will show the clash resolutions, exact start times, exam venues and also their seat number. The candidate’s exam candidate number is on the top of the timetable and this should be memorised as it should be written on each exam paper that is completed. Candidates are advised to note the start time of the exam as this can be misread.

Dress Code

Sixth Form candidates are expected to follow their normal dress code. Please wear warm clothing as we cannot guarantee the temperature of all rooms. Lanyards must be brought to each exam venue for proof of identity. Lower school candidates should wear their full school uniform. Private candidate must be wearing smart casual (no shorts or jeans) No outdoor coats are allowed in any venue.

*** Please note: Wearing inappropriate clothing may mean that your examination is delayed. ***

Examination Start Times

Exams at Hagley Catholic High School have a start time of 9:10 am for the morning sessions and 1:15 pm for afternoon sessions. All candidates must arrive at their exam venue 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Please see below all of the documents relating to Examinations taking place at Hagley Catholic High School including Controlled Assessments.

*** Please note: It is the candidates' responsibility to inform the school if they are going to be late for their exams. ***


If candidates are unable to attend their exam they must call the school reception, 01562 883193 before the exam start time. We would require written confirmation to explain illness/extenuating circumstances. Failure to provide this will result in the candidate being charged for the missed examination.


Candidates may bring water to drink. The bottle needs to be clear with no labels. It should also have a sports cap and not a screw top to avoid spillage.


  • Candidates should only bring the items that they need for an exam (Pens/Ruler/Calculator, etc).
  • A Black pen is essential for each examination.
  • Candidates should use the toilet before they enter the exam room. It is disruptive for other students if they ask to leave the exam room during the exam.
  • Please be aware when going to or leaving exam venues that other exams may be in progress - silence at all times!!

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