Hagley Catholic High School
Principal: Mr J Hodgson

Called as God’s family, we strive to achieve our personal best, by living and learning in Christ.

Uniform and Standards

Below is an overview of the current school uniform requirements for 2023-24.


Hagley Catholic High School holds high expectations and standards for all students. We encourage a professional environment, preparing our young people for the world of work and employability.

As a school, we have a long-standing reputation in the local community for being an establishment that is well respected for our standards. It is a requirement therefore that all our students wear their uniform as directed to do so by the school’s uniform policy and in turn are encouraged to wear it with pride marking their distinct identity as part of the Hagley Catholic High School community.

We promote both professional conduct and presentation and do not believe that ‘fashion’ or ‘trends’ should influence the school uniform. The wearing of uniform removes opportunities for peer pressure and bullying. All students are dressed to the same professional standard. Although the initial expense of a school uniform may be costly, over time it is more affordable, avoids conflict and is more manageable both for the students and their parents.


Wearing of the school uniform correctly is the responsibility of all members of the school community. All form tutors will check that student uniform is correct at the start of the day and then staff will continue to monitor that standards are being maintained as the day progresses. Students can expect to be challenged if they fail to adhere to the school’s Uniform Policy.

Any member of staff (teaching or non-teaching) is empowered to reinforce the expected standards of uniform whilst a student is representing Hagley Catholic High School, so that any issues can be resolved quickly and effectively. The Principal will have the final say on any ongoing uniform discrepancies and students not conforming to the required uniform expectations.

Any deemed extreme or repeated uniform offences after several attempts to rectify the problem, can lead to more serious intervention strategies being put in place.

Examples (non-exhaustive) of when these interventions may occur include –

  • Extreme haircuts (full or partial shave; lines, unnatural colour)
  • Incorrect footwear (usually to wearing of trainers)
  • Piercings (only a single 4mm plain stud in each ear lobe is allowed)
  • Refusal to cooperate when directed to rectify a uniform issue by a member of staff

Full details of the varying levels of intervention are outlined within the school Behaviour for Learning Policy.


Agreement and Communications

We ask for and expect the full support of parents/carers in maintaining a high standard of dress and presentation from all students attending Hagley Catholic High School. From time to time, certain items of uniform might get misplaced or need replacing. If this is the case, we request that communication is made with the school office immediately to inform us and that an acceptable timescale is set for when the issue will be resolved.

Students will be informed and reminded about uniform expectations through assemblies and tutor time presentations. These expectations will then be reinforced via the student organiser and all classroom teachers. Parents/carers will be informed of the uniform expectations at the Year 6 Transition events and via the School website; Principals newsletters; the student organiser and at parent information evenings.

Uniform Links



Hagley Catholic High School has been built on a strong foundation that places a large emphasis on high standards, good order and respect for all members of our community. Our school sets out high expectations for both staff and students, thus enabling high quality teaching and learning for all concerned. It is our belief that if our approach to behaviour management is followed and applied consistently by all, it will make a significant difference to our teachers’ ability to teach as well as our students’ ability to learn and develop effectively.

We strongly believe that the vast majority of students at Hagley Catholic High School want to behave well and in turn want to learn in a positive environment. With a strong emphasis on ‘positive’ behaviour management, it is our belief that we can help all of our students to achieve to the very best of their abilities. The school sets out clear aims with support in place enable all students to be the best individuals that they possibly can. Our aims are ….

  • to ensure that all staff and students can work in a safe environment.
  • to give staff and students a sense of direction, by developing a clear and easy to follow positive behaviour culture, with a particular focus on restorative justice.
  • to create a positive mind set amongst students towards 'good' behaviour.
  • to clearly define levels of rewards for 'good' behaviour and for meeting expectations.
  • to promote within all student's responsible behaviour; self-discipline; self-respect; respect for others; respect for property as well as respect for the school environment.
  • to highlight and then advertise the activities that are not acceptable behaviour in the school (so that the school community are aware of these as a whole).
  • to clearly identify and communicate rules and expectations for all aspects of school life.


The Behaviour and Attitudes section of our school website outlines our expectations with regards to the classroom and learning environment.