Hagley Catholic High School
Principal: Mr J Hodgson

Called as God’s family, we strive to achieve our personal best, by living and learning in Christ.

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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Mr James Hodgson Principal jhodgson@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Kesner Morris Vice Principal, Director of Sixth Form, DSL, Teacher of English kmorris@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Gavin Barratt Assistant Principal, Pastoral Lead Including Behaviour, Teacher of Physical Education gbarratt@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Michael Behan Assistant Principal, Subject Leader of Physical Education, Head of Year 11 mbehan@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Tracey Brown School Business Manager tbrown@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Ms Nicola Hackett Assistant Principal, Raising Standards and Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teacher of English nhackett@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Richard Miastowski Assistant Principal, Catholic Life and Pastoral Lead, Teacher of Religious Education rmiastowski@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Andrew Trickett Assistant Principal, Pupil Progress Lead, Curriculum and Timetable, Data, E-Learning, Reports, Teacher of History atrickett@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Teaching Staff
Mrs Mary Aitken-Lomax Head of Year 10, Teacher of English With Responsibility for Whole School Literacy malomax@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Bethany Arnott Teacher in Charge of EPQ, Teacher of English barnott@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Nicola Bailey Teacher in Charge of Psychology nbaileyreed@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Emily Barrett Subject Leader of English ebarrett@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Jonathan Bayliffe Teacher of Geography jbayliffe@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Mathew Button Head of Year 8, Subject Leader of Design and Technology mbutton@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Joanne Chapman Teacher of Mathematics jchapman@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Louise Clements Teacher of English Language with Responsibility for KS4 lclements@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Christopher Desmond Teacher of Mathematics cdesmond@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Kimberley Dunk Teacher of Geography kdunk@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Danielle Eagles Assistant Subject Leader of Mathematics deagles@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Hannah Evans Teacher of MFL hevans@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Deborah Fairclough Curriculum Leader of Chemistry dfairclough@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Philip Farley Subject Leader of Religious Education pfarley@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Andrew Fitzpatrick Deputy Director of Post 16 Studies, Head of Year 13, Teacher of History afitzpatrick@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Charlotte Fitzpatrick Teacher of English cfitzpatrick@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Catherine Foster Teacher of Music cfoster@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Kevin Frobisher Teacher of Chemistry kfrobisher@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr David Goddard Teacher of Technology dgoddard@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Helena Granger Teacher of Science hgranger@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Ms April Griffiths Teacher of Science agriffiths@Hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Peter Halford Subject Leader of Computing pjhalford@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Lucinda Hegarty Teacher of Science, Head of Year 12 lhegarty@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Catherine Heywood Acting Key Stage 4 Science Coordinator, Teacher of Science cheywood@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Catherine Higgins Teacher of Science chiggins@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Ms Shola Hingston Teacher of Food Preparation and Nutrition shingston@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Ms Amanda Hitchcox Teacher of Mathematics ahitchcox@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Anne Holland Subject Leader of Mathematics aholland@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Lucy Hope Teacher of Science lhope@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Lindsey Imrie Learning Support Manager, Teacher of History limrie@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Paige Jones Teacher of Criminology, Psychology, Health and Social Care pjones@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Valerie Jones Teacher of Computing vjones@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Christine Kimber Teacher of Science ckimber@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Claire Kirk Teacher of Religious Education ckirk@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Julian Langford Teacher of Mathematics and Cover Supervisor jlangford@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Darren Lavender Subject Leader of History dlavender@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Abigail Leyland Teacher of History aleyland@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Ivan Liles Teacher of Mathematics ililes@hagleyrc.worcs.ch.uk
Mrs Natalie Lloyd Teacher in Charge of KS5 Applied Science nlloyd@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Kevin Lomax Teacher in Charge of Business Studies klomax@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Fred Mallinson Subject Leader of Music fmallinson@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Rebecca Mason Assistant Subject Leader of English rmason@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Fleur McKee Second in Performing Arts Incorporating Teacher in Charge of Performing Arts fmckee@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Laura Morrall Teacher in Charge of Criminology lmorrall@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Nathalie Motaban Teacher of MFL nmotaban@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Marine Mugnier Subject Leader of MFL mmugnier@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Peter Neenan Teacher of MFL pneenan@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Dawn Nicklin Teacher of Mathematics dnicklin@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Majella O'Loughlin Head of Year 7, Coordinator of School Voice, Teacher of Art and Design moloughlin@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Sarah Palmer Head of Year 9, Teacher in Charge of Health and Social Care, Teacher of Food Technology spalmer@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Mark Patchett Subject Leader of Science mpatchett@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Anne Pinder Teacher of English apinder@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Miss Anneka Price Teacher of Religious Education aprice@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Sian Radford Teacher of Computing sradford@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Sofiah Ravat Teacher in Charge of Sociology sravat@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Katie Rice Teacher of Religious Education krice@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Stephen Rich Assistant Subject Leader of Physical Education srich@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Christopher Smith Teacher of Music and Music Technology csmith@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Kevin Smith KS3 Computing Coordinator kjsmith@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Anthony Sommerville Teacher of Religious Education asommerville@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Nicola Stott Subject Leader of Art and Design nstott@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Nicholas Taylor Subject Leader of Geography ntaylor@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Andrew Trickett Assistant Principal, Pupil Progress Lead, Curriculum and Timetable, Data, E-Learning, Reports, Teacher of History atrickett@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Michelle Trinham Teacher of Physical Education mtrinham@hagleyrc.worcs.sch
Miss Nicola Williams Teacher of Physical Education rwood@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mrs Rachel Winters Teacher in Charge of Character and Culture, Teacher of English and History rwinters@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Mr Richard Wood Teacher of Religious Education rwood@hagleyrc.worcs.sch.uk
Support Staff
Mrs Denise Anderson Lead Science Technician
Mrs Sarah Aston Arts Administrator/Finance Assistant
Mrs Clare Barnham Learning Support Assistant
Mr Matthew Bermingham Science Technician
Mrs Tracey Brown School Business Manager
Mr Richard Caulwell Design and Technology Technician
Miss Michelle Cleland Inclusion and Safeguarding Officer
Miss Lauren Collier Receptionist
Miss Samantha Davies Senior Office Administrator
Mrs Slava Elcock Sixth Form Administrator
Mr Jonathan Franklin Premises Manager/Security
Mrs Jan Greenfield Learning Support Assistant
Mr Christopher Handley Arts/Music Technician
Mr Richard Harris Campus Security Warden
Mrs Julie Jones Finance Manager
Mrs Rachel King Pastoral and Student Services Coordinator
Mrs Lynn Millard Admissions Secretary
Ms Nadia Muflahi Reprographics/First Aid Assistant
Mrs Rosie Olley Examinations Assistant
Mrs Hilary Orchard Resource Manager/Lead First Aider
Miss Kerry Partridge Art and Technology Technician
Mrs Sharon Powell Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Clare Saich Principal's PA
Mrs Pauline Sherwood Examinations Officer
Mrs Lorraine Stanton Administration/Finance Assistant
Miss Sophie Taylor Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Susan Sunderland Learning Support Assistant
Mr Liam Thomas Lay Chaplain
Mrs Karen Whitehouse Learning Support Assistant
Miss Patricia Wood Cover Supervisor
IT Support Team
Mr Stuart Green Network Manager
Mr Patrick Hunt Senior ICT Technician
Mr Dean Jones Strategic ICT Lead
Mr Keiran Osborne ICT Technician - Apprentice
Mr Daniel Stinton ICT Technician - Apprentice
Casual Staff
Mrs Alison Akers Examination Invigilator
Mr Kenneth Anderson Examination Invigilator
Mr Jonathan Austin Examination Invigilator
Mr Kenneth Baker Examination Invigilator
Mrs Julie Colesby Examination Invigilator
Mrs Maureen Dawe Examination Invigilator
Mrs Kerry Dowdeswell Examination Invigilator
Mrs Lucy Farley Examination Invigilator
Mrs Katherine Green Examination Invigilator
Mrs Angela Gregory Examination Invigilator
Mrs Carol Hingley Examination Invigilator
Mrs Joanne Holland Examination Invigilator
Mrs Nicola Jeffries Examination Invigilator
Ms Anne Maher Examination Invigilator
Mrs Catharine McArdle Examination Invigilator
Miss Joanne Morgan Examination Invigilator
Miss Kathy Morgan Examination Invigilator
Mrs Jayne Nelson Examination Invigilator
Mrs Eileen New Examination Invigilator
Mrs Sarah Piggott-Denison Examination Invigilator
Mrs Elaine Price Examination Invigilator
Mr Nicholas Sheppard Examination Invigilator
Mrs Karen Tetlow Examination Invigilator
Mrs Lesley Thornton Examination Invigilator
Mrs Anne Tudor Examination Invigilator
Miss Kerry Worton Examination Invigilator
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