Hagley Catholic High School
Principal: Mr J Hodgson

Called as God’s family, we strive to achieve our personal best, by living and learning in Christ.

Our Art & Design Department

All students at Hagley Catholic High School follow a taught course of Art & Design. The Department is made up by two specialist teachers who are fully committed to the education of the pupils:

Mrs N Stott - Subject Leader of Art & Design:                                                      nstott@emmausmac.com
Mrs M O'Loughlin - Teacher of Art & Design, Coordinator of School Voice: moloughlin@emmausmac.com
To view the curriculum mapping document and the 'learning journey' poster for Art & Design, then please click on the links below. If you have any queries then please contact the Subject Leader.

Curriculum Aims

The Art department aims to give all students a balanced and structured programme of art and design, which has been developed in association with the national curriculum and exam specification.
Students’ interest and enjoyment of the subject will be encouraged, while fundamental skills are taught and developed. All students at Key Stage 3 will explore the formal elements, such as line, tone, colour, shape etc and will experience a wide variety of media, techniques and processes. They will be exploring the work of others, celebrating other cultures and appreciating diversity. Through developing their skills and understanding at Key Stage 3, students will be able to work with increasing confidence and independence throughout Key Stage 4 and 5.
Our belief is that students should be encouraged to develop their creativity and individuality through their work, and value what they achieve. We aim to give students to opportunity to fulfil their full potential in art and design.