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You will be familiar with the term 'British Values' from other work that you have done across the school, such as in RE, PSHE, the Tutorial Programme. The Voice offers you can opportunity to actively explore and develop the values of: DEMOCRACY; TOLERANCE & MUTUAL RESPECT; INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY & RULE OF LAW by getting involved in he Hagley version of a school council.

The aim of The Voice is to enable YOU to make a positive change to the daily running of our school. The Voice offers you an opportunity to express your views and the views of your form. As an elected representative of your form you will be required to meet at regular intervals throughout the year to help determine key aspects of school life.

As a member of The Voice you will be collectively responsible for the following areas of school life:

  • Achievement & Assessment
  • Behaviour & Safety
  • Catholic Life
  • Social and Moral values in the wider community.
You will also be responsible for relaying your form's opinions when The Voice meet ensuring that their opinion contributes to the choices we make to improve our school community.

Learning & Assessment

Principle Aim:
For US to review and develop whole school initiatives that impact on OUR learning and achievement.

  • Target setting and reviewing progress that's delivered through the tutorial programme
  • House point system
  • Effective use of school planners
  • Raising aspirations: Looking to the future by promoting our Sixth Form

Behaviour & Safety

Principle Aim:
For US to develop an open culture, which actively promotes all aspects of OUR development, behaviour and welfare, so that WE are safe and feel safe at all times.

  • Anti-bullying Ambassadors Programme
  • To develop leadership and training of the new 'Be Strong Online' ambassador programme
  • To work towards achieving the 360 e-safety accreditation

Catholic Life

Principle Aim:
For US to contribute to, and benefit from, the catholic life of the school.

  • To continue to monitor the Catholic life of the school
  • To contribute to the writing of the new mission statement
  • To support Fr Martin when launching the Chaplaincy group
  • To represent our school at the Cathedral Mass Celebrations

Social & Moral Values in the Wider Community

Principle Aim:
For US to work within the wider community. Developing skills which enable US to be thoughtful, caring and active citizens in school and the wider society.

  • To work with Year 8 on the St. Catherine's Day Service Challenge.
  • To visit St. Catherine's Day Centre (Afternoon tea)
  • 'Walk the Mile in their Shoes' campaign - organising the sponsored walk

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