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Home School Agreement

Please see below a copy of our home school agreement

For any enquires about this document please contact our Admin Team


   Home School Agreement Full Document

Page by Page

   01. Letter to Parents 

   02. Content Page

   03. Home School Agreement

   04. Student Safety & Welfare 

   05. Safeguarding Children Policy Summary 

   06. Anti Bullying Policy Summary 

   07. Attendance & Punctuality 

   08. Absence Procedure 

   09. School Uniform Code 

   10. Behaviour and Classroom Expectations 

   11. Detention Policy 

   12. Non-Residential Trips Agreement 

   13. Safe Appropriate Use of Images 

   14. Examination Procedures 

   15. Information for candidates - Privacy Notice 

   16. Privacy Notice 

   17. Student Acceptable Use Policy 

   18. Reply Consent Slip 

   19. Final Consent