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Performing Arts

All pupils and students at Hagley Catholic High School follow a taught course of Performing Arts, compromising of Dance and Drama. The Department is made up by one specialist teacher and supported by a technician who are fully committed to the education of the pupils:

  •   Miss. F McKee - Teacher of Performing Arts
  •   Mr. C Handley - Arts Technician/ Musician


To enhance the learning opportunities within this subject, there is a wide range of extra-curricular activities for students to engage in. These opportunities include;

  • Dance clubs for all year groups
  • The school musical – actors, dancers, singers, designers, band and backstage team
  • Annual whole school Dance showcase
  • Gifted & Talented Dance Company
  • Visits to local productions (recent trips have included ‘Billy Elliot- the Musical’, Matthew Bourne’s ‘The Red Shoes’ and ‘Miss Saigon’
  • Dance Leader roles for students in Years 9 - 11
  • Workshops with local companies and professional practitioners

Information for Performing Arts KS3

All students follow a taught course of Performing Arts in Years 7, 8 and 9 as part of the Arts rotation. Each student receives 15 lessons of Performing Arts in each Academic year.

This page outlines the topics taught in each term through Key Stage 3 (years 7 to 9), along with an overview of how assessments will take place.


Year 7

Unit 1 – Introduction to Drama

Unit 2 – Contemporary Contact

Unit 3 – Musical Theatre

Students study basic drama skills including improvisation, characterisation, freeze frames and use of props.


Students are introduced to safe contact work, exploring a range of different types of movement within the contemporary genre. The unit also explores the use of stimuli in choreography, focusing on a literary stimulus. Lessons include observation of professional works by Motionhouse and Russell Maliphant.

This unit combines the techniques and skills learnt in Units 1 & 2, exploring the multidisciplinary use of Dance and Drama within the genre of Musical Theatre. Students are exposed to a range of professional works.


Year 8

Unit 1 – Styles of Dance

Unit 2 – Darkwood Manor

Unit 3 – Creating a Performance Piece

Unit 4 – Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

This unit focuses on three styles of Dance; Contemporary, Capoeira and Jazz. Students learn technical exercises and observe performances of each style before choreographing a group routine in the style of their choice.

Students are introduced to the genre of Physical Theatre and create a series of mini-performances, based on the fictional house ‘Darkwood Manor’. Techniques explored included hot-seating, mime and devising.

Students are given a brief to create a whole class performance in response to a stimulus. This unit includes learning extracts of set movement, creating small sections of choreography and refining work for performance. Focus is placed on the development of technical and interpretative performance skills.

This unit focuses on practical and theoretical study of the hit West End musical ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’. The work establishes cross-curricular links with PSHE, and students are able to select key areas of interest for their assessment work from acting, dance, costume, set and directing.


Year 9

Unit 1 – Addiction

Unit 2 – The Hillsborough Disaster

Unit 3 – Preparation for BTEC Performing Arts

This unit focuses on creating a piece of group choreography using a set stimulus. Students learn a set phrase of movement, develop contact work and create movement based on a poem. For this unit students also learn a set warm up week by week, on which they are assessed.

Students study the events of the Hillsborough disaster and use factual information to create an expressionistic Drama piece. An emphasis is placed on devising and script-writing, in addition to using sources to collate information as part of the rehearsal process.

This unit guides students through a series of mini tasks in order to prepare student for KS4 level study. This includes observation and analysis of professional work, learning and exploring extracts of repertoire and creating work in response to a brief.


Assessment takes place at the end of each unit. Students are required to perform excerpts of their work for their peers, and complete theoretical work such as research projects to support their practical learning in preparation for KS4 BTEC Performing Arts.

Key Stage 4

The Performing Arts department currently offer students the opportunity to study BTEC Performing Arts at KS4.

Would you like to

  • Study a hands-on, practical course that gives you a taste of what the Performing Arts sector is like?
  • Build the skills and confidence to succeed in your next steps?
  • Have not only the chance to perform, but also develop valuable skills and techniques in different disciplines and explore potential careers in the industry?

If so then BTEC Performing Arts may be the right course for you! The emphasis is placed on practical exploration of Dance and Drama, underpinned by the theoretical study of practitioners, techniques and professional work.

The course consists of three different components. The components build on each other to motivate you by helping you to put what you have learnt in practice and grow in confidence.

Component Title

Assessment Method


Year of Study

1. Exploring the Performing Arts




2. Developing Skills and Techniques




3. Performing to a Brief




 Component 1: Exploring the Performing Arts

Component Aim: To give you a taste of what it’s like to be a professional actor or dancer across different styles. During this component you will observe and reproduce existing repertoire, as well as explore performance styles and techniques.

  • EXPLORE performance styles, creative intentions and purpose
  • INVESTIGATE how practitioners create and influence what's performed
  • DISCOVER performance roles, skills, techniques and processes

Component 2: Developing Skills and Techniques

Component Aim: To develop skills and techniques in the disciplines of acting and dance. During this component you will gain physical, interpretive, vocal and rehearsal skills during workshops and classes, and apply these skills in performance.

  • TAKE PART in workshops, classes and rehearsals
  • GAIN physical, interpretative, vocal and rehearsal skills
  • APPLY these skills in performance
  • REFLECT on progress, performance and how you can improve

Component 3: Performing to a Brief

Component Aim: To consider how practitioners adapt their skills for different contexts and put this into practice in a performance. During this component you will:

  • USE the brief and what you’ve learned to come up with ideas for the performance
  • CHOOSE the skills and techniques you’ll need
  • BUILD on your skills in classes, workshops and rehearsals
  • REVIEW the development process within an ideas and skills log
  • PERFORM a piece lasting 10-15 minutes to your chosen target audience
  • REFLECT on the performance in an evaluation report

Extra Curricular

Monday lunch - year 8 dance and after school dance company

Tuesday lunch - KS4 and sixth form dance

Thursday lunch -   Year 7 dance and BTEC catch up after school

Friday lunch - Year 9 dance