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French will be offered as an option to all students at Key Stage four.  The course will cover the four Attainment Targets of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing; these will be examined during or towards the end of Year 11.  The themes and topics covered will be under the following titles:


  • Lifestyle

  • Leisure
  • Home and Environment
  • Work and Education

Beyond the practical use of language, students learn the importance of tolerance, and through the study of cultural differences they learn to develop positive attitudes towards, and a genuine concern for, others in society.

Language graduates score high on employability compared to graduates of other disciplines and studying languages alongside another degree subject can also enhance job prospects.  Language graduates have lower unemployment rates than a number of other subject areas Businesses need people with language skills.  45% of international businesses experience language and cultural issues as barriers to international business.  30% of British companies have over 20% of their customer base outside the UK and over 70% conduct some business in other countries.

Here are some examples of jobs for which a language qualification could be used:


  • Conference interpreter

  • Air cabin crew member, Tourist guide or Resort representative
  • Bilingual secretary or Translator
  • Journalist
  • Export manager
  • Information scientist or Medical Translator
  • Immigration officer
  • International lawyer or Court interpreter
  • European Union official

Homework Expectations

Pupils will be set homework twice a week.  Each homework should take approximately 45 minutes.


Examination Board: AQA Syllabus Code: 4655


Head of Department: Miss. P. Wood

Taught by committed staff with valuable and extensive experience and success in A-level teaching


What you study:

The course involves the study of French language and France through defined topics which are relevant to young people today. Students will develop an insight into the life of French people.


How you study:

Many of the lessons are delivered in the target language and students are encouraged to express their ideas on given topics. It is expected that students will develop their vocabulary through additional reading at home. In order to develop confidence and fluency in the language, all students are given weekly speaking support from teachers and the French Assistant.


Department strengths and resources:

The department has a huge range of authentic resources, including French newspapers, magazines, DVDs and works of literature. Students are also given listening, reading and grammar practice materials to support their progress.


Progression to university:

French may be studied in any university and offers the opportunity for study in France during the course.

French may be studied alongside many subjects, such as law or a science subject. The emphasis may be on French or on the other chosen subject(s).


Our successes:

Suzanne Baylie achieved a grade A at AS and went on to achieve a grade A at A2. She is now studying French and Maths at Birmingham University.


GCSE entrance requirements:

It is usual that students have taken all the Higher papers at GCSE.

French combines well with any other subject. In a world which is looking increasingly for links within Europe, students are choosing to study a language to a higher level in order to compete with other European students in the job market.


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