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The beauty of our modular A-level Mathematics is that it allows you to study four very different main areas of Mathematics. The largest of these studies is Pure Mathematics which is the basic tool kit to solve and interpret mathematical problems. It combines the algebra and trigonometry previously studied and takes the topics far beyond GCSE. In addition you will discover new topics such as Calculus which enables us to find gradients of curved lines. The second area of study is Probability and Statistics. Here you will analyse and interpret information and data. You will model real life situations such as passing your driving test and winning the lottery to different probability models. The third module is Decision Maths, which teaches you to select appropriate methods with which to solve networking problems.

Within year 12 you will be taught by two teachers who will cover different sections of the course. The pace will be fast; therefore you will have to spend the equivalent amount of time doing questions at home, as you do in lessons, to reinforce your understanding. To study Mathematics at A-level you must have a love of the subject and enjoy doing the practise. In year 12 you will sit three written exam papers, two Pure Maths exams and a Statistics paper all in the summer. With this current modular system there is no coursework element.

Traditionally the Sixth Form Mathematicians help out as responsible ambassadors on the year 7 Drayton Manor Trip. Small teams of lower school students are helped and encouraged by Sixth Formers to complete an outdoor mathematics trail within the theme park. You get the afternoon off to go around with your friends!



Every member of the department is very supportive of the A-level and will always help and advise you. In addition to your lessons we run a voluntary after school work shop each week where homework can be done and help sought. Near your examinations a highly valued set of mark schemes and model answers for past exam papers are supplied.



In addition to studying A-level Maths there is the opportunity to further the development of the subject by opting for A-level Further Maths. Each of the three strands is studied in greater depth, plus Mechanics where you will use mathematical models to demonstrate and interpret the real world of dynamics and forces.



Maths is said to be the most powerful and marketable subject anyone can study in the world today. It relates to Economics, Engineering, Computer studies and the Sciences.



Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and Computing.




Grade B or above at Higher Level GCSE.


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