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Key Stage 5: Product Design
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Product Design
Our world is full of products that have been designed to meet the needs of different groups of people.  From the moment you wake up in a morning to the time you return to your bed, your whole day will be influenced by these products.
Product Design
A flexible, autonomous and creative approach to designing products. The Product Design course removes the constraints of working in one material and focuses more on choosing the most suitable material for a product to be made from based on the students own independent research and investigation.
AQA says, “A practical approach that encourages students to design and make products with creativity and originality in a variety of practical activities, using a range of materials and techniques. Packaging, labelling and instructions are also encouraged as part of the complete design proposal, while marketing tools, such as advertising and points of sale, can be used to supplement the making experience and help create products which can be evaluated for their commercial viability”.
Personal Development
You will gain practical skills by transforming and manipulating a range of materials.  In addition, you will become competent in CAD/CAM applications which will enhance your design and making skills and outcomes. You will gain experience of working in a team as well as on your own.  You will enhance your decision making skills through using your initiative, negotiating with others and overcoming problems you meet.  You will have a greater understanding of the world we live in by evaluating how products and designs affect all our lives across the globe. 
The coursework assignment is worth 60% of the final mark. (Over 50% of the marks can be achieved through practical activities). Students are required to submit a concise design folio and a 3 Dimensional product made from a suitable material. The written exam is worth 40% of the final mark. It tests the student’s broad knowledge and understanding of product design through a range of theory and design based questions.
Opportunities for further Academic Achievement
The school also offers Product Design at A level and by taking this subject at GCSE it offers the perfect platform for you to continue your learning experience in the world of designing.
If you gain an A grade at GCSE this work can be carried through into your AS level and with little additional improvement is recognised by AQA as an AS level C grade. Product Design gives the learners a true grounding and insight for pursuing a career in design in its many forms.
Examination Board: AQA Syllabus Code: 4555
Teacher Contact: Mr. J.P. Hayden

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