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During this two-year course you will design and make quality electronic products with creativity, originality and flair using a wide range of electronic components, some of which you used during Year 7 to Year 9 projects.

The packaging of the electronic circuit can include cases made from a range of resistant materials, textiles, card or recycled materials. You will be encouraged to be innovative in your design by including CAD/CAM content in your project as well as the use of PICs, i.e. Programmable Integrated Circuits.

Ability and confidence in Electronics are developed throughout the course by an emphasis placed on learning through doing with straightforward practical work.

This subject provides an excellent route into A Level Systems and Control, Product Design and Diplomas in Manufacturing, Engineering or Product Design at Level 3.

Major Project Briefs (Board set tasks=Controlled Assessment)

1. Road safety is important for all road users including pedestrians. Investigate one aspect of road safety and design and make a prototype product which could be used to help prevent accidents.

2. The manager of a local store has asked you to design a promotional display for the entrance to a store that can be used to promote a product of your choice. The display should attract the customers’ attention with movement, light or sound or any combination of these.

3. A local primary school has asked you to design and make an electronic game that can be used at their Summer Fair to raise funds for the school. The game could be based on chance, or involve skill but must be fun to play and be suitable for all ages.

4. A local bank wishes to encourage young children to save their pocket money. You have been asked to design and make a novelty device which will make it fun for children to use and save their money.


Examination Board: AQA    Syllabus Code: 4542

Teacher Contact: Mr. G. Balbuena


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