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Psychology is an academic A-level which is based around the study of theories and research into human and animal behaviour. Topics include memory, conformity, stress and child psychology. Learn about the brain and how it is structured. Learn about theories of how the mind might work, but also about theories which ignore it and focus on studying only our outward behaviour.


You will also develop your essay writing skills for the exams. There is no coursework. Psychology A-level includes learning about research methods such as experiments and questionnaires. 10% of the specification involves some basic maths.




Individual, pair and group activities including: note taking; use of YouTube footage and other video clips; participation in and conducting of mini-studies including experiments and questionnaires; reading around the subject using learned articles as extension tasks; guided research; discussion; debates; essay planning and use of exam board specification and mark schemes. You may also research and present information to your class in the form of posters, powerpoints and quizzes. In addition to this, we sometimes use role-play to help us understand some of the situations we study.




You will be taught by an enthusiastic graduate teacher who is highly experienced in this field. Individual guidance is given to students following mock exam results as well as all of the exam practise questions in the school’s programme of guided assessment. The psychology room has a wide range of text books, revision guides and DVDs. Students are given full access to an electronic text book, which is approved by the exam board (AQA), and there are many more Psychology resources on Haggle.




Psychology courses at University are very diverse. Some are general Psychology degrees (BSc or BA) and some offer the chance to specialise in certain areas of Psychology, for example, social, developmental, applied, criminological or research disciplines. A-level psychology also gives an insight and useful entry qualification into many professions including sales, policing, nursing, teaching, philosophy and the business world. So it is relevant to many different professions, and is therefore not just for people who want to be a Psychologist. However, if you do want to do that, there are various fields of specialism such as clinical, educational and occupational Psychology.




Every year a significant number of students go on to do degrees in Psychology and Psychology-related subjects like Criminology.


2017 results:

53% A* to B

100% A* to D



Students study Psychology alongside a range of other A Level subjects for example Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English Literature, Sociology, RE and History. It combines well with essay based subjects on the one hand, and sciences on the other, as it requires and develops skills from both types of subject.



Grade 5 or above in English and Science

Grade 4 or 5 in Maths. 

Extra Curricular Opportunities

There are occasional trips for Psychology students. For example, in 2016 we visited the Oxford university Brain Bank, a research facility which uses donated brains to examine disease and abnormality. They’re hoping to develop a vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease. And in 2018 we have a guided tour of a prison as part of the Crime and Punishment section of the course. 



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